Gati Microfinance Solution

Gati Microfinance Solution

Microfinance is the provision of financial services that target low-income clients, particularly women and people living in poverty. In simple word we can say Microfinance means building financial systems that serve the poor.

Microfinance includes basic financial services like Small Loan, credits, Saving, Fund Transfers and insurance. Alongside non-financial services such as business training, microfinance assists people living in poverty who wouldn’t usually qualify for regular banking services.

Features of Microfinance

Microfinance is often considered one of the most effective and flexible strategies in the fight against global poverty.
  • Microfinance, the Grameen way, includes several support systems that contribute greatly to its success.
  • An equally important part of microfinance is the recycling of funds.
  • Microfinance has a positive impact far beyond the individual client.
Looking for flexible, easy to use microfinance loan management software? you’ve come to the right place. The Exceptional Assistant is a robust and intuitive microfinance software solution that will simplify the management of all your client data including loans, grants, investors, donors and much more. You can easily capture historical demographics, socio-economic data and performance indicators to create management reports to your stakeholders.

Microfinance Software Features
  • Create Loan scheme
  • Loan Master
  • Loan Product Detail
  • Loan Disbursement Entry
  • Member Master
  • Member Entry
  • Payment Entry
  • Release Loan Amount
  • Define Interest Rate
  • Interest Rate Calculator
  • Payment History
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