Direct Selling Software

Direct Selling Software

Direct Selling websites & software that fits your vision
and is a natural extension of your corporate.

Direct Selling Software is an important component of the direct selling industry. These plans typically promise that if you sign up as a distributor, you will receive commissions -- from both your sales of the plan's goods or services and those of other people you recruit to join the distributors.

Direct Selling Software a hierarchical marketing system in which the goal of salespersons is not only to buy and sell the product , but also to recruit others to buy and sell the product , who will in turn recruit others. Each salesperson receives part of the entrance fee paid by his/her recruits, and a part of the profits earned by all salespersons below him/her in the sales chain.This is also called as multilevel marketing, multi-level marketing, matrix marketing, network marketing etc.

We develop an Direct Selling websites & software that fits your vision and is a natural extension of your corporate. Our development team creates a Direct Selling websites & software that is very simple and easy to navigate. End user should be able to easily achieve their goals on the website.

Our team of professionals can build and customize any setup or feature you can think of .Our company has the potential of recruiting many more Direct Selling affiliates as each affiliate can develop a downline much faster than normal. Therefore enabling you to reach a larger audience quicker.

A few benefits we can provide you are as follows :-

We will evaluate your Direct Selling Company web site and provide you with actionable recommendations to significantly boost your conversion rate and results. We will show you how to develop your business web site architecture & content to match your target market's buying preferences.

Our Web Site Redesign service will polish your current look, or give you a completely new updated look that increases your business credibility and trust with your target market. We will determine the target audience of your web site and our development/designer team design a professional layout, mood and precise colors specific to your customer base and client goals. Increase your leads, opt-ins, & sales by designing a menu structure and clean design that will permit your visitors to simply navigate through your Direct Selling web site and search their desired content, products or services. Our site specialist accessibility evaluates pinpoints problem areas and shows you how to ensure compliance with existing laws and guidelines.

Gati Technology Systems Direct Selling scrip has features to define products from whom the marketing Firm is doing business for Direct Selling Software facilitates to define user commission and generate commission reports . Complete downlink can be seen in a tree view by our Online Direct Selling Portal by the members. All users can have access in to a system and they can view / modify only their downlink. Every member will receive their own personalized self replicating web page, with a static of their plan, Downlink, Payment Status and Reminders.

Admin control panel features

  • Secure Login / logout option
  • Forget password option
  • All type of Survey
  • Admin Welcome page
  • Add other admin user & give limitation
    facility for admin control panel
  • Statics of all active user , used/unused pin status
  • Pay out details
  • Hold pins /Delete Pins
  • Check Pin staus whether it is used or unused
  • New Pin generation option in range
  • Post messages to single or all members
  • View message from members
  • Admin can add/modify/ delete news/events/message
  • facility to go in member control panel
  • Add/edit/delete member a/c's
  • Add/Edit/Delete facility for Product
  • Add/Edit/Delete facility for category/subcategory
  • facility to generate payout on weekly/monthly basis
  • facility to check Commision chart
  • facility to check Geneology of any member

User Panel/Member Panel

  • Secure Login/logout option
  • Forget password option
  • Password chang option
  • Welcome page
  • Statics of all downline member details
  • Statics of all type of level income
  • Modify his personal deatils
  • Commision chart
  • View Geneology