Android Tablet Application Development

Android Tablet Application Development

Android is the life force of tablets contributed by glorious Google. The operating system supports all the latest mobile devices.

Miniaturization is the evidence of advanced technology. Pocket computer referred to tablet is an ideal gadget to organize each one of our lives with numerous applications. Android is the life force of tablets contributed by glorious Google. The operating system supports all the latest mobile devices. Google Android is the blessing for mobile development industry to discover incredible applications from it. Android tablets are catching pace in the market and so the android tablet developers. But catching an expert android developer is a fight.

Gati Tchnologies boasts of the state of art android tablet application development lab where our expert android software developers design customized android tab apps exclusively for your business. From our vast experience we must tell you that android table development is not identical to android mobile application development. We have specialist teams for the respective applications.

Our know-how about Android tab apps qualifies us to produce android based business solutions for you. Customer centric approach of Gati Tchnologies delights the clients as they get the master piece of their choice. “Android tablets” is the buzz and we enable you to gain rich experience with it offering android tablet app development services. Our range of services include flash support, 3G support, Bluetooth support, high definition (HD) touch screen, high definition (HD) video encoding, multitasking attribute enabling user to run many applications simultaneously, Geographical User interface (GUI) for 3D graphics, SQ Lite for more data storage, fast processor and efficient web browser for faster access. These are the basic services available at one click. Our capabilities yield you big abilities to multiply your business. We are android tablet developers who embed potential android applications in your PC.

  • Android Tablet Lifestyle Application Development: We have limited 24hrs a day to achieve business goals, personal goals as well as social goals for which we design applications for sports, recipes, travel, books, shopping, health, task managers, call filter, sms filter, message manager, alarm, alerts, audio gallery, video gallery, etc to manage each thing without any panic.
  • Android Tablet Banking Application Development: Banking and technology have a closer relationship with the emergence of plastic money. Business needs 24h accountant to tell you the account details with statements. We give you a mobile accountant with its existence in your tablet. Our banking applications include bank led model, non-bank led model, complete transactions, balance inquiry, investments and other bank related applications.
  • Android Tablet Social Application Development: This is a special application for those who are addicted and would be addicted to social networking sites. It is classified into communities, NGO, brand, CMS and other broadcasting applications.
  • Android Tablet Game Application Development: Break is necessary in the schedule of 24X7 and games are the best entertainment source. We develop fighting, multiplayer, shooting, dressing, casino & cards, racing and retro classic game applications.