Election Management Software

The Election Software is a secure Web based software system With Latest Technology

Management + Data + IT = Big Success In Election

  • The Election Software is a secure Web based software system With Latest Technology . We are pioneer in the field of Election Management Software. this software is improved in every coporation and state election.
  • We are always in search of new ideas & concepts. As we got idea of Red Green voter in State Assembly Election, we immediately introduce in our software. New concepts like Booth Committee, Voter list by references, voter list by mobile number etc are example of new improvements. Now you can make your campaigning hi-tech with our technology. Your suggestions, improvements and new reports are always welcome

Features of Election Management Software

  • Professional website as per party & Candidate
  • Unique Jan Sewa Help line Solutions
  • All type of Survey
  • Campaign Management
  • Communication
  • Polling Day Management

Services of Election Management Software

  • Pre Poll Survey
  • Jan sewa 24X7 helpline No.
  • Voter Data Survey
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Voice Solution
  • Polling Day Management

Digital Voter Data Management

  • Targeted Wire voter Search
  • Ward wise Voter List
  • Voter Data Survey
  • Booth wise Voter List
  • Name wise Voter List

The software is developed regarding all the vital and important aspects of election system. Software has a good look as well as features to perform in various critical situations of election.Software enable politicians to access the local, national and global politics by offering them a wide range of political knowledge. Increase intellectual capacity & reflection to general public.

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